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The Grenado was a primitive explosive, a clay pot filled with a lethal mixture of gunpowder, iron nails and lead shot. It was the Special Weapon of the Pirate.


The grenado is a hollow ball of clay filled with black powder, with a fuse protruding through.


  • Special Weapon
  • 2-4 inches in diameter
  • 1-2 lbs
  • Clay pot, shot and gunpowder


To use this weapon, the fuse was lit and the grenado would be lobbed towards the target. In the close confines of a ship, it would be particularly devastating.

Pirates also used stinkpots. Stinkpots were small clay pots usually filled with burning sulfur (and sometimes plant gums, feces and rotten flesh) that were thrown onto the deck. A crude form of tear gas, it was hoped that the smoke and fumes would overhelm the victims desire to fight, incapacitate them or make them retch.

In Show[]

In the show, a grenado exploded hanging on a rope between 3 dead pigs. 1 pig was covered in plate armor. The grenado released deadly shrapnel on its explosion, causing deadly wounds on all 3 pigs. Though the shrapnel could not penetrate the plate armor, it was the Pirate's second-most effective weapon, with 198 kills.