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A Falcata

 The falcata is a curved sword from the Iberian Peninsula.. It is the Close-Range weapon Hannibal Barca and the special weapon of the Spartan in Deadliest Warrior: The Game.



  • Length: 26 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Spanish Steel Blade
  • Bronze Handle


The falcata has a forward curved blade with a single cutting edge on the concave side. The blade widens near the tip, narrowing in the middle. The hilt is typically hook-shaped so as to prevent the sword flying out of the user's hand in the heat of battle.


The Falcata was primarily a slashing weapon, but it could also stab. The shape of the blade distributed the weight in a way so as to give the weapon the momentum of an axe while maintaining the versatility of a sword.

The Falcata was commonly used by Pre-Roman Iberians, although it is possible that the Falcata had origins older than this. It's possible that the Greek Kopis inspired the design of the Falcata. Because Romans faced this sword during their conquests of Iberia, it wasn't uncommon for Romans to use this sword as well.

It was the weapon of 50 Lusitanus warriors that Hannibal brought from Lvsitanea to fight Rome, The production of this weapon has druid secrets, as lusitanea was the biggest celtic tribe in Iberia. The Romans told it was a feared weapon, it could cut helmets and damage shields.