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Every episode has at least 4 experts in each episode, at least 2 per warrior. Most ancient experts are stunt men who have recently appeared in famous Hollywood movies. Some of the modern warrior experts are professional gunmen, former special ops, relatives of the modern warriors, or the actual warrior that they represent on the show (i.e. Spetsnaz soldiers as Spetsnaz experts or SWAT officers as SWAT experts). 

Snake, as seen on the show.


Alan Tafoya (World Champion Knife Fighter)[]

"The bottom line is if you're my enemy, I'm gonna kill you." 100% Jicharia apache and former US Navy Seabee

Snake Blocker[]

Snake Blocker is a US Army Combat Instructor and former US Navy Seabee and champion knife fighter. He tested weapons of the Apache. He tested the Tomahawk, the Knife, and the War Club. [1]


Chris Torres[]

(Ancient Weapons Specialist)

Steven Dietrich[]

(Gladiator Combat Instructor)

"There are two ways out for a gladiator - the gate of death, and the gate of life. You went out the gate of death dragged out as a loser. You walked through the gate of life as a winner, bloodied, scarred, unbeatable."

Chuck Liddell[]

(Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion)


Casey Hendershot[]

(Viking Weapons Instructor) "The samurai has no chance against a viking."

Matt Nelson[]

(Viking Combat Expert)


Brett Chan[]

(Samurai Weapons Expert)


"Every move is going to be precise - everything, there's no fail. Failure's not an option for the samurai."

Tetsuro Shigematsu[]

(Samurai Descendant)

"The only way to enter the samurai class was to be born into it, and the only way to leave was to die."

[3] [4] [5]


Jeremy Dunn[]

Barry Jacobsen[]

Barry Jacobsen appeared as a gladiator trainer in the Apache vs Gladiator episode.


Lou Klein[]

Michael Lehr[]

"So, to truly understand the strength of the ninja, you had to see how they evolved. They didn't start out as warriors. They started out as farmers, villagers, peasants - the lowest of the low. Like most people, they sought independence, but at the time, Japan was ruled by feudal warlords and the military class the samurai - very tough, very well-trained fighters. In a fair fight, the farmers and villagers really didn't stand much of a chance, so when they had to fight, they just didn't fight fair." [6]

"You know, I'm dissapointed, but if ninja saw a Spartan in real life, he would just run away. He comes back at night and kills him while he sleeps."


Michael Triplett[]

David Hernandez[]

  • (On the matter of dodging the Knight's Morningstar) "See, you're thinking about running away. I'm talking about running around."
  • Ironically, David would return in Somali Pirates vs. Medellin Cartel as the last cartel member to be killed by the pirates.


David Coretti[]

Josh Paugh[]



Zero Kazama[]


David Kono[]


Joe Ferrante[]

Thomas Bonnano[]

Green Beret[]

Matt Anderson[]


Sonny Puzikas[]

[9] [10]

We respect everybody.

We can kill them with respect as well.

Maxim Franz[]

Senior systema instructor

Shaolin Monk[]

Eric Chen[]

Wang Wei[]


Alfred Hsing[]

Māori Warrior[]

Seamus Fitzgerald[]

Jared Wihongi[]

Sala Baker[]

Sala became famous for his work as a stunman for the Lord of the Rings original trilogy and for his depiction as Sauron in those films. "Well, that's what a computer says." "Computer must be Chinese... [1]

William Wallace[]

Kieron Elliott[]

[12] [13] [14]

(On pitting William Wallace against Shaka Zulu) There really is no competition. It's basically like swatting an African fly.

Anthony De Longis[]


  • (On Shaka Zulu's spit of poison) "There's just one problem I see..." (holding claymore out in front of him) "How far can you spit chief?"

Shaka Zulu[]

Earl White[]

  • (war cry) "ZULU!"

(On pitting Shaka Zulu against William Wallace) "Shaka's goal would be to get Wallace's blood on his weapon."

Jason Bartley[]


Jason used agility training pioneered by Shaka Zulu to become a 3-time all SEC linebacker.

  • (war cry) "ZULU!" 


Skoti Collins[]

[17] [18]

"The IRA's never been beaten by anyone - and they never will be."

Peter Crowe[]


Fahim Fazli[]


Alex Sami[]


Jon Darrah[]

Steve Gordon[]

GSG 9[]

Michael Nagel[]

Damien Puckler[]


Attila the Hun[]

Sean Pennington[]

Robert Borsos[]

"Attila was a barbarian, but he had charisma. For Hungarians, Attila is a hero and a legend."

Alexander the Great[]

Kendall Wells[]

[21] [22]

Peter van Rossum[]

Rashad Evans[]

  • "Alexander is the truth!"

Jesse James[]

Joey Dillon[]


J. W. Wiseman[]


Al Capone[]

Meyer Lanksy II[]

Johnny Lew Fratto[]

Aztec Jaguar[]

David Lavera[]


Eder Saul Lopez[]

Zande Warrior[]

Coley Mustafa Speaks[]

"(on the Zande winning and the Aztec losing) Sorry, Aztec warriors. Maybe next time. Nyum-nyum!" [26]

Gordon Jock[]

Nazi Waffen-SS[]

Silvio Wolf Busch[]

Robert Wilhelm-McCain[]

Viet Cong[]

Tuan Nguyen[]

Danny Boyer[]

Roman Centurion[]

Terence Rotolo[]

Terence Rotolo was shown to play one of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders.

Matt Lasky[]

Rajput Warrior[]

Gugan Deep Singh[]

Bhajneet Singh[]

"Facing a Rajput, you never knew where he was coming from. He could attack you from all directions and he was always deadly. We will demolish the Romans."

Sukhwinder Singh[]

Somali Pirate[]

Abdi Ali[]

"Of course we're going to win." "The Somali Pirates will fight you anywhere, on land, on sea, you name it. They'll fight you."

Haji Ukajh[]

Medellín Cartel[]

Michael Corleone Blanco (Son of Florida drug boss Griselda Blanco, the Queen of Miami)[]

"My mother was the number one distributor of cocaine in the United States. She's the inventor of cocaine trafficking. I grew up around this constant violence on a daily basis that was considered civilized."

Kenny "Kenji" Gallo[]

Kenji Gallo was a porn producer and cocaine trafficker associate of the Los Angeles crime family and the New York City's Colombo crime family, both heavily affiliated with the Medellin Cartel during their reign. The FBI allowed him to spy on the crime families. Today he is under witness protection but publicly talked about his life as a rat in writing blogs, books and TV shows. Even today he testifies in court against his former gangsters, who still threaten his life today.


Persian Immortal[]

Ardeshir Radpour[]

Ardeshir is a recurring actor on deadliest warrior; playing a mongol, a roman, Hernán Cortés and other background characters. [28] [29]

Cyrus Zahiri[]


Francis Brebner[]

William Spencer Dinnean[]

Dave Baker[]

In season 3, Dave Baker is the main weapons maker on Deadliest Warrior. If there is an ancient weapon that is no longer existent today, Dave will remake them from their historical blueprint.


Pavel Ksendz[]

Stass Klassen[]



Mike Baker[]

Frank Dowse[]

Vlad the Impaler[]

Vaclav Havlik[]

Brahm Gallagher[]

"Vlad does not stop, he does not quit, and ultimately, the psychology, the weaponry and ferocity of that man makes him the Deadliest Warrior."

Sun Tzu[]

Johnny Yang[]

Tommy Leng[]

Ming Warrior[]

Jonathan Weizhang Wang[]

Phillip Dang[]

French Musketeer[]

Xavier Declie[]

"I like the Ming Warriors, but I think they should go back to where they came from and, you know, build walls. They're very good at that."

Luke Lafontaine[]



Joaquin Gonzalez[]

"Comanche have no fear, we don't know who you are, we don't care who you are,we're just here to let you know,

we ain't going anywhere"

Jay Redhawk[]

"By the time we are born, we hit the earth, we're warriors."


Munkthur Luvsanjambaa[]

Jason Nguyen[]

Navy SEAL[]

Rob Roy[]


Colin Palmer[]

Israeli Commando[]

Moti Horenstein[]

Mike Kanarek[]


George Washington[]

Paul Suda[]

Wayne Lee, PhD[]

Napoleon Bonaparte[]

Mathew Cape[]

Phillipe Simon[]

Joan of Arc[]

Claire Dodin (15th Century Weapons Expert)[]

Timothy Pickles (Military Historian)[]

William the Conqueror[]

Jason McNeil (Medieval Combat Specialist)[]

Stephen Morillo, Ph.D. (Chair, Wabash College)[]

US Army Rangers[]

Ssgt. Tim Kennedy (U.S Army Ranger)[]

Lt. Col. John Lock [ret] (U.S. Army Ranger/Historian)[]


Charles Joh (SWAT CDR/Tactis Specialist)[]

Ji Jay Kim (Former South Korean Marine)[]

Thomas Rix (Fmr US Intelligence Ofiicer)[]

Grand Master Ho Jin Song (9th degree Black Belt)[]

Genghis Khan[]

Khosbayar (US Marines and Mongol weapons specialist)[]

Timothy May, PhD (researcher and author of "The Mongol Art of War")[]


Bryan Forrest (Classical Weapons Specialist)[]

Patrick Hunt, Ph.D. (Professor of Archaeology, Stanford)[]

Saddam Hussein[]

Sabah Khodada (Former Iraqi Army General)[]

-Personally knew the dictator (The only expert to have actually meet a Named Warrior in person.)

Calvin Bondley (Saddam Weapons Specialist)[]

Lt. Col. Rick Francona [ret] (Former USAF and CIA Agent)[]

Pol Pot[]

Jonathan Khan (Pol Pot Weapons Expert)[]

Kilong Ung (Cambodian Genocide Survivor)[]

Theodore Roosevelt[]

GySgt. Quay Terry [ret.] (USMC)[]

Gary Harper (Military Historian/Armorer)[]

Gary is the host of the modern Armory aftermath. He appeared in the Washington Napoleon episode, maning the cannons.

Lawrence of Arabia[]

Richard Reid (British Firearms Specialist)[]

Gavin Scott (T.E. Lawrence Historian)[]

Ivan the Terrible[]

Vladmir Orlov (Russian Special Forces Trainer)[]

"Ivan the Terrible, he's brutal, he has the best weapons, he's mad.

The combination, ballistic"

Andrew Jenks, PhD (Professor of Russian Studies)[]

Hernán Cortés[]

Jason Heck (16th Century Weapons Expert)[]

"Cortez has better weapons, he is more sane. He's just going to win."

Kyle Lopez (Spanish Colonial Expert)[]

Crazy Horse[]

Moses Brings Plenty (Lakota Tribesman/Firearms Expert)[]

Delano "Blu" Eagle (Fmr. USMC/Lakota Tribesman)[]

Pancho Villa[]

Fernando Vazquez (Expert Marksman/Horseman)[]

Santiago Villalobos (Villa Folklore Historian)[]


Sgt. Rastra Rai [ret.] (20-year Gurkha Soldier)[]

Lt. John Conlin [ret.] (Former Gurkha Commander)[]

French Foreign Legion[]

Cpl. Nick Hughes [ret.] (FFL Recon Diver/Commando)[]

Geoff Wawro, PhD. (French Foreign Legion Historian)[]


Steve Niles[]

Steve Niles is known for writing various horror stories, including 30 Days of Night, which is a comic story about residents in an Alaskan town trying to survive a horde of vampires when the sun sets for thirty days.

Coincidentally, he is also the writer of Remains, a post-apocalyptic zombie comic story, where survivors try to survive a horde of zombies in a casino, after the detonation of a device meant to render nuclear weapons useless.

Scott Bowen[]

Writer of the Vampire Survival Guide.


Max Brooks[]

Max Brooks is an American author and screenwriter specializing in zombies. His two most well-known works are The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, which is currently being made into a motion picture to be released in December 2012.

Matt Mogk[]

Matt Mogk is the author of the book Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zombies, and founder of the Zombie Research Society, which is dedicated towards the serious study of zombie science, survival, and pop culture. [34]