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Showing the iron spearhead(Aichme) and the bronze butt spike(sauroter).

The Dory spear was the chief weapon of the hoplites (heavy infantry) of Ancient Greece, 8 feet of iron-tipped brutality. It is the mid-range weapon of the Spartan.


  • 8 feet or 2.4 meters
  • 5.5 lbs
  • Wood shaft with Iron tip


Dory is the romanisation of the ancient Greek word for spear. It was about 2.4 meters long. It was the primary weapon of the Spartans.

It was mostly used for thrusting but the razor sharp edges could slash as well as stab.

It was used to great effect in the Spartan shieldwall/Phalanx, when held in an overhand position it allowed the first two lines to attack the enemy.

The Dory had a butt spike mainly for counter-balance, but when the main spear-head broke in combat this was used as a secondary weapon. The rear end was also used by the Spartans in the back to finish off enemies as they passed over them, with the rear end earning the nickname: "Lizard Killer."

The Roman Triarii unit attempted to mimic the Dory spear with a Hasta: which was also double sides and could be used one-handed. Although the Triarii were successful soldiers, they simply mimicked the Greek hoplites. Gaius Marius introduced the Marian Reforms in 107 BC, replacing the Triarii with the Legionairies. A legionaire used the Gladius in order to fight within the range of the Greek spears.

In the Show[]

The dory spear was first tested on a dummy while its thrusting force was measured and it was theorized that the measured force of the thrust was equivalent to a two-story fall onto the same spear if it were to be held up vertically. The dory was next thrust at a gel torso where it proved to be a devastating blow, causing a laceration, breaking ribs, piercing the heart and a lung, and exiting the body.