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Dhal is the shield used by the Rajput Warrior

Dhal with a spike

Dhal with a spike


Dhal is a small and round shied used by Rajput warriors and many Indian warriors.It's diameter is about eight to twenty-four inches. It is nearly always round and it's edges may be flat or rolled backward. It's light weight and small size help the Rajputs to do quick actions. Many Dhals had rings for the fingers of the warrior to grip the shield with.


It was mainly used for defensive purposes in hand to hand combat but it can also be used for blocking small projectiles. Dhal was primarily used to block the attacks of the opponent but some dhals also have a spike attached to the middle of the shield like the targe of William Wallace for stabbing the opponent and some dhals also have a flintlock pistle going throu the middle of the shield for shooting the opponent. It's a strong and agile shield made up of metal sometimes with gold plating.

Test in Show[]

In the show it was tested against pilum. Pilum was able to pierce the dhal but the hole was not so deep to harm the rajput behind it.


Although the dhal has the potential to be an offensive weapon of the Rajput, it wasn't listed as one.