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Goodbye Deadliest Warrior, it was a good three seasons!
Their is a petition to bring back Deadliest Warrior. Currently over 610 people have already singed it and with more signatures we have a chance of seeing another season.

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Ninja warrior1.png
The Ninja: Sneaky, stealthy Japanese assassin immortalized by popular media

Versus... the Spartan, ultimate warrior from ancient Greece. WHO IS DEADLIEST?


Weapon Ninja
Close Range: Ninjato
Mid Range: Black Egg
Long Range: Shuriken


Special Weapons: Kusarigama

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Swg66 Swg66 28 September 2019

I have returned.

I've been long gone from this wiki. But I haven't forfotten it.

I've been dealing with personal illness and personal loss, but I haven't ever forgotten this site.

So for all my issies, I have returend …

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 26 July 2019

History of European Pre-Industrial Warfare

The history of warfare is surprisingly complex due to the ever evolving arms-race. Even as we approach technological singularity, I still hear in the news about innovative weapons; drones, lasers, hy…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 9 November 2018

Deadliest Roast

I was originally going to do a review on all the weapons, but a weapon is only good in its era: a halberd means nothing against a gatling gun. instead I want to roast the really bad ones, the weapons…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 29 June 2018

DW Tier List


The link above is to my 'Deadliest Warrior Tier List', which determines who in DW is the best warrior. This Tier List…

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