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William Wallace: the Scottish rebel leader who led a bloody war against medieval England

Versus... Shaka Zulu, the most influential leader of the Zulu kingdom. WHO IS DEADLIEST?


Weapon William Wallace
Close Range: War Hammer
Mid Range: Claymore
Long Range: Ball and Chain
Special Weapons:



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Blog posts

John1663 John1663 1 minute ago

hesseins vs red coats

Hessians The German soldiers, who struck fear into the hearts of Americans or redcoats Britain's elite infantry that fought all around the globe


close: longsword

mid: prussian flintlock

long: ja…

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John1663 John1663 11 minutes ago

samurai vs rajput 2

i decided to repost it.

this the battle of the greatest asian warriors


close: katana

mid: naginata

long: yumi

special: kunabo

armor: lamellar


close: khanda

mid: aara

long: chakram

special: katar


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John1663 John1663 23 minutes ago

alexander nevsky vs charlemagne

out of these kings who wins?


close: rus longsword

mid: bear spear

long: comp bow

special: klevets


close: joyeuese

mid: boar spear

long: francisca

special: spiked club

please do whos got the …

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John1663 John1663 4 hours ago

im sorry

sorry about a lot of stuff there is this cyan mode were i can't reply to anything. i get mad about it. also in the official comanche page it says that comanches and apaches got conquered by the ameri…

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