Deadliest Warrior Wiki

This page is for the warriors that lose their battles and how they died

Season 1[]

Gladiator: Hamstrings cut; Throat slit; Back stabbed multiple times with Apache knife

Viking: Hamstrings cut; stabbed in the neck with a katana

Ninja: Impaled by Xiphos sword

Knight: Blinded by sand; knocked to the ground; shot in the face by flintlock pistol

Yakuza Boss: Face burned by steam; stabbed in the throat by an ice pick

Green Beret leader: Stabbed in the neck by ballistic knife

Maori Warrior: Stabbed in the head and neck by Emei piercers

Shaolin Monk (non-canon): Neck sliced by the Shark Tooth Club

Shaka Zulu: Impaled by Claymore

Taliban soldier: Blown up by a nail bomb

Back for Blood Special[]

Samurai: Stabbed in the stomach; Neck stabbed by Xiphos sword 

IRA leader: Shot in the throat by makarov pistol

Season 2[]

GSG-9 captain: Shot by the Benelli M4 

Alexander the Great: Stabbed through the neck with the Sword of Mars

Al Capone: Shot in the head by a Winchester rifle

Aztec Jaguar: Leg sliced by the kpinga; impaled and intestines harvested by makrigga spear

Viet Cong leader: Incinerated by the Flammenwerfer 41

Roman Centurion: Stabbed in the stomache by the Katar dagger; Throat sliced by the khanda sword

Medellin Cartel soldier: Blown up by the RPG-7 rocket launcher

Celt: Stabbed in the chest by Persian spear

KGB agent: strangled by the garrote

Sun Tzu: hands severed at the wrist by the Kilij; impaled by a large stake

Ming Warrior leader: Stabbed in the stomache by the main gauche; fell from a cliff

Mongol: Stabbed multiple times by the scalping knife; neck stabbed by the war hawk; scalped

Israeli Commando leader and soldier: Blown up by C4 explosives

Season 3[]

Napoleon Bonaparte: Stabbed in the throat by the Colichemarde sword

William the Conqueror: Leg stabbed twice; stabbed in the stomache by the French arming sword

North Korean Special Operations Force leader: Head-butted; Shot in the stomach by the M4 Assault Rifle

Hannibal: Hit in the head by turko-mongol sabre; helmet failed, causing a depressed skull fracture; neck sliced by the turko-mongol sabre

Pol Pot: Shot in the head by the Browning Hi-power pistol

Lawrence of Arabia: Stabbed and sliced open by the bowie hunter

Ivan the Terrible: Sliced in the neck by the Espada Ropera sword

Crazy Horse: chest slashed; stomache stabbed and sliced in the neck by the bolo knife

French Foreign Legion leader: slashed in the throat by the Kukri

Zombie: slammed into a wall; brain destroyed