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Deadliest Warrior Legends

Deadliest Warrior: Legends is a fighting game and sequel to Deadliest Warrior: The Game. It was released on July 6, 2011 for Playstation Network and X-Box Live Arcade. Unlike the first game, all the fighters are named warriors, instead of all generic warriors.


Each playable character is a named ancient warrior spanning from all three seasons of Deadliest Warrior. Though no generic warrior appears in the game, each character unlocks a special weapon if they have save data from the first Deadliest Warrior game. Warriors may also unlock joke weapons to use in battle. For example, Genghis Khan can fight with a dead fish.

The fighting system has been overhauled. Instead of a lifebar, players have to watch how their warrior appear on-screen to make sure they're in good health. A new grapple system has been implemented so that players can fight with close-quarters attacks.

A new mode called "Generals" has been added and incorporates the new version of the simulation program which has been used in Season 3. Up to four players can play in this mode as they conquer several kingdoms spanning across a fictional world map.

All the stages and warriors were compiled into the re-release Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat.


Joan of Arc appears in Generals Mode, but is not playable anywhere else unless she is purchased as DLC.



  • Joan of Arc, Hannibal, Genghis Khan and Hernán Cortés were introduced prior to their premier in the show.
  • Whereas most warriors look like their in-show counterparts, Hannibal looks almost entirely different than the actor portraying him.
  • The character "Mack" is the essential equivalent of Tekken's Mojukin, as he has no specific playstyle, and relies on using the other combatants movesets. (Upon each match, he will randomly use one of the other 10 fighting styles.)
    • This also includes keeping the same intro and outro animation of said character (examples, Drinking blood from a chalice:{Vlad the Impaler}, or throwing golden coins out of his pocket 'for the afterlife":{Alexander the Great})