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The Iraqi Combat knife is a multi-purpose bladed weapon. It was the Close-Range weapon of Saddam Hussein


The combat knife has a short single-edged blade with a clip point and a small hole in the center. The handle is made from a polymer and has mounting rings that allow the knife to be mounted as a bayonet.


  • Weight: .7 lbs
  • Blade width: 1/8 inch
  • 5.7 inch steel blade
  • Wood handle


The combat knife can be used for slicing, cutting, and stabbing, and (as stated before) be used as a AK-47 Assault Rifle's bayonet. When coupled with its scabbard, it forms a wire-cutting device, with the insulated polymer handle and scabbard allowing the user to safely cut electrified wires.


The Iraqi combat knife was pitted against the cane knife of Pol Pot. The two weapons were tested by charging into a room and eliminating two sides of beef targets; one static, one mounted on a zip-line. The combat knife killed both with a stabbing speed of 40mph while the cane knife had a speed of 45 mph, but failed to kill the second target. The edge was given to the combat knife due to it's flexibility and portability.