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The Chakram is a throwing disc used by several Indian warrior castes. It was the Long-Range weapon of the Rajput Warrior.


The chakram is a hoop-shaped disk with the outer edge sharpened. Chakrams come in various sizes and are usually made of steel or brass. Some chakrams, even those used in combat, were ornately engraved, or inlaid with brass, silver, or gold. The chakram can be considered a distant cousin of the Shuriken.


The chakram was used extensively by the Indian warrior castes such as the Rajput and Sikhs. Numerous chakrams of different sizes were worn around the arms, necks, and stacked onto turbans. The chakram was thrown several different ways: by being held between the thumb and forefinger and thrown underhand, or spun around the index finger and flung. The aerodynamic shape of the body prevented it from being deflected by the wind. The Chakram had a range of 50 feet.

Chakrams could also be used as melee weapons; akin to Brass Knuckles but with more cutting force [1]

The Japanese had a similar weapon known as the Kanawa (Golden Ring), which was occasionally used by the Ninja.