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200px-Japanese porcelain grenade

Ceramic grenades are homemade, explosive weapons, an explosive part of the massive homemade arsenal built to defend Japan from US invasion. It was the Explosive Weapon of the Yakuza.


The Ceramic grenade was a porcelain or terracotta pot with a bottleneck with a rubber stopper and a simple fuse. The detonator was a simple blasting cap attached to a five-second length of fuse.


  • Length: 3" in diameter
  • Weight: 11.5 oz
  • Pottery, TNT and gunpowder


The Type 4 ceramic grenade was developed in Japan during the closing months of World War II. With much of its industrial infrastructure destroyed by Allied bombing and a growing shortage of raw materials, it was designed as a "last-ditch" hand grenade for defending Japan from a possible Allied invasion. After the war, large numbers of these weapons were acquired by the Yakuza.

In practice, the ceramic grenade acted much like a flashbang grenade; the blast would stun or incapacitate the victims more often than kill them. This allowed the user to temporarily disable his target before entering the room to finish him off. But unlike the flashbang, the ceramic grenade did have the ability to kill.