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The Camera Gun is a firearm disguised as a camera; death at the click of a shutter. It was the Mid-Range weapon of the KGB.



The Camera Gun contains a single-shot, .22 caliber "Stinger gun". The camera's optics are used to sight the target. When fired, the bullet breaks through the glass lens.


  • Gun: Stinger pistol
  • Range: 10 yards
  • Ammo: .22
  • Mag: 1 round

A KGB agent takes aim with his camera gun


The main advantages of this weapon are that it is both discreet and accurate, making it a good choice for assassinations. However, because it is a single-shot weapon, and the user is unlikely to have another firearm on him, its use is essentially a suicide mission.

The Camera Gun also holds a cyanide capsule so that the KGB assassin can commit suicide if caught; allowing Soviet secrets to remain safe.


This weapon was tested against the CIA's Briefcase Gun. The briefcase gun killed a target with a lethal shot to the liver while the camera gun achieved an instant kill by driving a .22 bullet through the left nostril of a gel head. The edge was given to the briefcase gun since it contained a 9mm PPK which was a heavier caliber and longer range weapon that could be fired multiple times.