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Brass knuckles pic

Typical set of Brass Knuckles.

Brass Knuckles are bludgeoning weapons designed to fit over the fingers of a human fist. They were the Special Weapon of Al Capone.


Brass knuckles consist of four brass (or other metal/hard materiel) rings connected together so as to fit over the four fingers of a human hand.


  • 12 oz
  • 5 inches
  • Solid brass


Brass Knuckles and similar weapons have existed throughout history in many cultures. Ninjas had their own Brass Knuckles called Tekken. Kuʻekuʻe Lima Leiomanō were smaller variations of the Shark Tooth Club that could be used as Knuckle Dusters. Gladiators used Cestus: leather boxing gloves that could be fitted with spikes.

Modern Brass Knuckles gained popularity during the crimewaves of early 1900s. Gangsters would use them as torture weapons or a slow and painful executioner's tool. Brass knuckles were designed to concentrate a punch's force to a smaller and harder contact area. Now they are illegal in such countries as Britain, Sweden, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, and the USA (excluding Texas as of 2019).

Some Brass Knuckles are spiked or have decorations, but most of these are rare and probably custom built. While most modern armies do not use brass knuckles, some trench knives in WWI had a brass knuckle grip to allow punches, but these weapons are sometimes considered illegal for use in warfare today. The Apache Revolver was a pistol that had a knife bayonet and a grip that could also be used as brass knuckles.


  • Along with the Cestus, The Brass Knuckles has possibly the shortest range of any (non-fictional) weapon.
  • The Brass Knuckles is one of few weapons that requires multiple hits to kill but has scored a kill in the simulations.
  • The Brass Knuckles is probably the weapon most like a bare human fist or unarmed combat as it only doubles the strength of a normal punch and shows no increase in range or ability to cut. It's more humanlike in strength than Zombie Hands, which are 3 times stronger than a normal human's.
  • The Brass Knuckles being illegal in many states of US unlike the gun is ironic as the latter is considered more dangerous.