Swg66 Swg66 28 September 2019

I have returned.

I've been long gone from this wiki. But I haven't forfotten it.

I've been dealing with personal illness and personal loss, but I haven't ever forgotten this site.

So for all my issies, I have returend and I won't let my standards wave.

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 26 July 2019

History of European Pre-Industrial Warfare

The history of warfare is surprisingly complex due to the ever evolving arms-race. Even as we approach technological singularity, I still hear in the news about innovative weapons; drones, lasers, hypersonic missiles, cyber warfare, and mine sniffing giant pouched rats. So I wanted to look into how military strategies and the weapons associated with them evolved.

Sidenote: Much of this is going to be short and simple, since I already discussed some of these warriors in greater detail in previous blogs. I will need to ignore some warriors and weapons for simplicity sake. I will also be avoiding naval combat, since I do not know much about it.

  • 1 Early Homo / Neanderthal Stone Age
  • 2 Pre-10,000 BC: Stoneage Projecitles
  • 3 Copper Age
  • 4 Early Bronze Age
  • 5 G…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 9 November 2018

Deadliest Roast

I was originally going to do a review on all the weapons, but a weapon is only good in its era: a halberd means nothing against a gatling gun. instead I want to roast the really bad ones, the weapons that were so bad that you question why they were used at all even during their era. I am not including armor, shields classified as weapons, weapons that can be used as effective tools (E-Tool, Dolabra, Grappling Hook, Bardiche musket stand), non-lethal weapons that are still relevant (shurikens and black egg used to flee or weaken instead of kill), or weapons or shields that existed because the warrior had no other choice (like the Apache War Club or Zande’s wicker Kube shield: as awful as it is, these natives didn’t really have any alternati…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 29 June 2018

DW Tier List


The link above is to my 'Deadliest Warrior Tier List', which determines who in DW is the best warrior. This Tier List can work for both ancient and modern warriors simultaneously. It's not 100% precise, so don't get salty if I'm off by a number or two.

The Tier List does occasionally contradict DW: but I think the Tier List is more accurate than actual DW episodes. For instance; Pirate vs Knight had the Knight use a crossbow, which should have given him a long range advantage. If the Knight maintained his range advantage, he should have won. So to even things out, I allowed the Pirate in my chart to use a musket.

The first Sheet contains the details of each tie…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 30 April 2018

Elephant Review

(Disclaimer: I will only be looking at African and Indian Elephants. No mammoths and no Mûmakil)

The “Tank of Antiquity”, a real life giant monster, and the only reason to by Total War Rome. War ELEPHANTS!!!

I mentioned how impressive a Hoplite Aspis or a Knight’s Plate Armor is against projectiles and melee weapons alike. But Elephant legs are about 1 ton EACH. A turtle has impressive armor, it is still going to get flattened by a car. And this is ignoring the trunks (which can easily lift a man) and tusks sharp enough to potentially kill OTHER Elephants (especially if you replace the tusk with Elephant-Swords: yes they exist, no it’s not an Elephant using a sword with his trunk).

But don’t think a large animal is simultaneously slow: Elepha…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 25 April 2018

Spy Review

The Ninja was a scout, infiltrator, and assassin that disguised as enemy soldiers or common civilians to perform missions that brutish warriors and their massive armies could not do. Their warfare was unconventional, small-scale, secretive and surprising.

While there are no more Ninjatos or ‘magical’ Jutsus; the concept of a ‘Spy’ still exists today and has modernized appropriately. James Bond, TF2, Splinter Cell, Metal Gear, Total Spies, Kim Possible, Black Widow and even Batman are great examples of Spy combatants; except that they are fictional. Sadly while Spy-Watches do exist; they don’t have Lasers and Invisibility Cloaks (unless the CIA has censored that information so well that I’m just oblivious).

Sabotage, hacking, traps, poisons a…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 21 April 2018

Celt Review

The words ‘Barbarian’ and ‘Pagan’ are basically a lazy form of discriminating against anyone who isn’t from the western/roman world. So I’m focusing primarily on these tribes and viewing them all as ‘Celts’; the tribes being the Spanish Celtiberians, Gauls (Franks were post-Roman, so I’m not considering them), Germanic Celts, Britons, and Gaelic Celts. I don’t really have anything new to say in discussing the Celts. Germanic Celts were basically Proto-Vikings (as history would suggest) and so they shared similarities (wooden shield, spears, iron long swords). The Celts were tribal similarly to the already discussed Zulu and Zande; all ironage but lacking the resources to use armor or heavy weapons. Instead I want to explain my theory as to…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 12 April 2018

Persian Immortal Review

Before the rise of Macedonia, Rome and Carthage; the most noticeable empires of the Mediterranean and North Africa were the Egyptians and the Persians. Egypt lasted almost 3000 years before falling to the Persians, and that Persian Achaemenid Empire was estimated to rule about 44% of the world’s population at that time (Modern day China, India, USA and Indonesia combined make up about 44% of the world's population.)

What I want to focus on is how the Egyptians created the basics of Bronze Age warfare as well as how the Persians perfected such technology: primarily with Chariot warfare. However since the Persians conquered the Egyptians, and were more successful in empire-building, I will focus on the Persian Immortal primarily.

Horseback rid…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 10 April 2018

Rajput Review

The Rajputs, from prehistory to today, have almost always been vital warriors of India. War culture has been a part of India’s history throughout every century. The goddess Parvati is depicted using a Sword (Khadga), Trident (Trishula), Thunderdisc (Chakra), Arrow (Tir), Javelin (Bharji), Club (Khitaka), Bow (Dhanush), Noose (Pasha), Goad (Ankush), Shield (Sipar) and Axe (Parashu): and she uses them all AT THE SAME TIME: that’s more deadly arms than General Grevious using Doctor Octopus’ tentacles. Considering that India is protected by the Indian Ocean, Burmese Jungle and Himalayan Mountains; the only safe way to enter India would be by the north west: home of the Rajputs. Macedonian, Arab, Persian, Turkish, Afghan, Mongol and Mughal (the…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 6 April 2018

Roman Review

There are plenty of debates over what was the greatest, strongest, longest, or most influential empire in world history. Much of this debate is based on opinions and terms that are rather broad, especially in historical or political ways. But Rome has left such a permanent mark on history that it’s impossible to see post-classical history without their impact. The largest religion Christianity, the Orthodox/Catholic split, the Crusades, the largest war (the Fascists of WWII introduced neo-classical culture and reintroduced Roman militarism to fuel the war), the concept of Europe, the rise of the concept of Republics, modern military policies and tactics, and don’t forget indoor plumbing: it’s gonna be big. I personally cannot say if Rome i…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 4 April 2018

Cowboys Review

How-dey-yall, arriba arriba, and whatever makes the red-man red. The American Civil War had an arms race that introduced or perfected multiple types of military and gun innovations; modern ammo cartridges, lever-action, Gatling Guns. The age of the single-shot musket was over, and the high rate of fire of these guns made melee combat effectively obsolete: allowing the escalation of the conquests of Native American and African lands. The idea being that a charge of spearmen, either on foot or on horse, will be mowed down by the hail of bullets (which makes it idiotic when Europeans, who built their Empires on these same tactics, decide to launch multiple disastrous bayonet and cavalry charges against WWI trenches).

Several Native tribes did…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 3 April 2018

Horse Archer Review

So in regards to ancient warriors; I have mentioned that the Knight is what I think would be the best warrior. Either on foot or on horse, his armor will simply allow him to tank most projectiles and give him a massive advantage in close combat: especially since he has anti-armor melee weapons.

But what would I consider the #2 of the Ancient Warriors? Assuming I cannot use a warrior with armor literally from head to toe: I would see the horse-archer; especially Comanche, Huns, and Mongols as the most dangerous warrior. These warriors are so similar that I would simply them by weight-classes.

Comanche are the lightest; lacking heavy armor but specializing in tribal or individual combat, using bows that were small but fast and precise. Mongols…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 3 April 2018

African Review

Africa is absolutely massive in both size and population (both traits second only to Asia), and is more diverse than what many other people would assume. With that said; savannas (a biome too dry to be a thick jungle but just wet enough to allow grass and sparse populations of trees) make up at least 1/3 of the continent (the other biomes primarily being desert and jungle). Savannas are not unique to Africa; however Africa is noticeable for having the majority of the world’s savannas.

Now savannas are similar to grasslands; and since grasslands have little to no trees, it is a perfect environment for horsemen warriors (Mongolians in the Eurasian Steppe, Sioux and Comanche in the Mid-West of North America). However Sub-Saharan Africa didn’t …

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 2 April 2018

Shaolin Monk Review

This is by far the biggest paradox of any warrior I’m aware of: a warrior PACIFIST. I understand the mentality of the Shaolin; they are monks, not armies, and so had to use what they can.

This sounds a lot like a Ninja, and some historians believe that the Ninja were influenced by Shaolin martial artists. However Ninjas were rebels and assassins; they needed to be lethal. Shaolin, being pacifists, see no reason to launch a war: even during times of persecution. But Shaolin Monks were able to avoid persecution in the longterm, especially since not all eras of China persecuted Buddhists. Ninja meanwhile were always the repressed minority and did not have the same ethical restraints.

The Shaolin still had to defend themselves against bandits, s…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 29 March 2018

Mafia Review

Touch my spaghet and you’d be marinating in your own Ragu.

So this is defiantly and odd combatant for modern warfare, and because of that, this is going to be a very quick analysis simply because there’s not much to say.

Stiletto, Ice Pick, Baseball Bat, Molotov: pretty standard and cheap weapons, all lethal in their own way. But if we’re discussing modern warriors, we need to focus on modernity. A Bat would indeed drop a man with one or two wacks, and a portable fireball is one cruel way to kill: but even a 15th century Handcannon would be a better weapon than all of these combined simply because of being a ranged weapon: modern warfare is all about the ranged weapons. Melee weapons are very situational; useful for those occasions, but neve…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 29 March 2018

Knight Review

As I mentioned before, I consider a full plated Knight to be top-tier of the ancient warriors. It might be a bit bold to call any of his weapons perfect, but all of them are great for what they do:

  • Broadsword: can be used with a shield, good length for single handed sword, great cutting and stabbing force, good quality steel, half-swording fighting style specifically designed to be anti-armor
  • Halberd: can be a midranged spear or a longranged spike: both able to keep enemies at a distance, hook able to drag horsemen to the ground and potentially can pull shields, axehead for additional power, the multiple heads allow the Knight to be more unpredictable in regards to how he’ll attack
  • Crossbow: perfect at sieges (able to maintain string pull for…
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Pikazilla Pikazilla 29 March 2018

Stone Age Review

(Neanderthals, Caveman, Maori, Kiribati and Aztec Jaguar)

It’s pretty clear that stone-age warriors aren’t going to be considered ‘high-tier’ compared to other warriors. The new Aardman film Early Man clearly shows that stone-age cavemen can’t do much against basic metal armor and had no defenses or counters against basic arrows: especially heavy crossbows. Likewise stone has limitations in its durability and how it can be shaped: a stone sword, despite what Minecraft claims, cannot be made without being very brittle (unless the majority of the blade was a different material, as seen with Kiribati Shark-Swords or Aztec Macuahuitls). This brittleness means that any impact or parrying with another weapon, even another stone weapon, might be e…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 27 March 2018

Viking and Highlander Review

The kryptonite of the English is a big hairy northerner wielding a giant weapon and shouting like a madman. I initially was going to ignore the Vikings, I considered them to be simply a chainmail Knight. So I paired them with the Highlanders primarily because of their similarities.

Both warriors rely on their heavy weapons to rush their opponents, especially in hit-and-runs and raids. This shock tactic works well since these warriors use unconventional terrain to their advantages; Vikings attack from the sea and the Highlanders attack from… the highlands. OOOOOOOOOH like their name, I GET IT! They might not be the fastest warriors, but they can still charge in effectively with such advantages. These heavy weapons can quickly overwhelm light…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 26 March 2018

Conquistador, Musketeers of the Guard and Pirate Review

It sounds odd putting three historically different characters into one category, but that is the case: these are all musketeers. All three have muskets, spears (halberd, bayonet and boarding pike), straitswords (Pirates did indeed use the Cutlass, however the Spadroon rapier was very common) and the Musketeer and Pirate both had pistols and grenades. Granted; they have different golden-ages, so this disclaimer is going to point that out. I’ll be looking at mid 1500s for the Conquistador, mid 1600s for the French Guards, and early 1700s for Pirates.

Conquistadors are packing heavy gear; a massive halberd pike, a Morion steel helmet, and a steel Curiass. Look at the Pirate; he has no armor, and his Boarding Pike is an improvised fishing too…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 23 March 2018

Spartan vs Ninja Review

  • 1 Spartan
    • 1.1 Weaknesses
  • 2 Ninja
    • 2.1 Weaknesses

Spartans are quite possible the perfect ‘Heavy Tank’ of the Bronze Age. Evens Athens, the other Hoplite superpower, hid behind their Long Walls because they didn’t want to fight the Spartans on land: and even then the Spartans tore down those walls! This would be a very impressive siege considering that Greek Hoplites has two of the best weapons for defense; the Dory spear and the Aspis shield. To score a kill against a Spartan; you need to avoid getting stabbed by the spear, get around the shield, and then avoid the armor. 3 different ways to fend off an enemy. Also keep in mind that a shield-bash can push the enemy back, and maintain the range advantage of the spear.

Mid to Close-Range combat is wha…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 22 March 2018

Samurai Review

(I might be doing a Viking blog, but I think the Samurai is more interesting)

The Samurai is a bit of a paradox; honorable and loyal yet corrupt and repressive, wears heavy armor but refuses to use shields, has a reputation that is both earned and overhyped. The Samurai are normally compared to the Knight, and the similarities are clear (although not absolute). This upperclass warrior had the resources necessary to obtain the best materials and gear possible. In a period as chaotic as the Sengoku era, it only made sense for the winners of the civil-war to be the best warrior Japan could make.

A good way to describe the Samurai would be as a ‘light tank’. The swordsmanship especially was known for their speed, a fair way to compensate for the…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 22 March 2018

Apache vs. Gladiator Review

For those who don’t know: I’m going to be reviewing most of the DB official episodes and examine the characters and the battle itself. I might avoid battles between two characters that are extremely similar; like Green Beret vs Spetsnaz.

  • 1 Apache
    • 1.1 Weaknesses
  • 2 Gladiator
    • 2.1 Weaknesses
  • 3 Apache vs. Gladiator

Apache is a bit unique for being a stonage warrior introduced to steel, allowing him to upgrade the material of his weapons while maintaining the same fighting style. I will be mostly ignoring this, and I will not consider firearms that Apache historically used, since that wasn’t what DW was examining. Plains tribes, especially stonage ones with relatively small populations and surrounded by enemies, have struggled to develop into civilizations…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 16 March 2018

Pirate Blog

The Caribbean Pirates were the scum of the European American Colonies during the 1600s and early 1700s. In both real life and fiction; these criminals managed to terrorize, raid, and loot anyone in their path.

  • 1 History
  • 2 Death Battle Fanon (Info)
    • 2.1 General Info
    • 2.2 Experience
    • 2.3 Weapons
      • 2.3.1 Bladed Weapons
      • 2.3.2 Blackpowder Weapons
      • 2.3.3 Other Weapons
    • 2.4 Ships
    • 2.5 Feats
    • 2.6 Weaknesses
    • 2.7 Failures
  • 3 Other Information
    • 3.1 Republic of Pirates
    • 3.2 Pirate Code
  • 4 Noticeable Pirates (real and fictional)
    • 4.1 Long John Silver
    • 4.2 Edward James Kenway
    • 4.3 Captain Jack Sparrow
    • 4.4 Captain Hook
    • 4.5 Guybrush Threepwood
    • 4.6 Pirate Captain (The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!)
    • 4.7 Captain Syrup
    • 4.8 Risky Boots
    • 4.9 Dread Pirate Roberts
    • 4.10 One Eyed Wily
    • 4.11 Captain Redbeard (Lego)
    • 4.12 Batman…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 16 March 2018

Ninja Blog

Ninjas were the Japanese legendary assassins of the 1400s to the early 1600s (primarily the Sengoku Jidai Era). A large majority of Death Battle characters were ninjas including; TMNT, Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden), Strider Hiryu, Raiden (Metal Gear), Batman, and many Mortal Kombat characters.

  • 1 History
  • 2 Death Battle Fanon (Info)
    • 2.1 General Info
    • 2.2 Ninjutsu training
      • 2.2.1 Martial arts
    • 2.3 Weapons
      • 2.3.1 Large Blades
      • 2.3.2 Small Blades
      • 2.3.3 Other Weapons
      • 2.3.4 Long Ranged Weapons
      • 2.3.5 Traps
      • 2.3.6 Stunning Weapons
      • 2.3.7 Poison
      • 2.3.8 Other Tools
      • 2.3.9 Rokugu
      • 2.3.10 Armor
    • 2.4 Feats
    • 2.5 Weaknesses
    • 2.6 Failures
  • 3 Other Information
    • 3.1 Iga Province
    • 3.2 Kōka, Shiga
  • 4 Noticeable Ninjas (real and fictional)
    • 4.1 Murasaki Brothers
    • 4.2 Foot Clan
    • 4.3 Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow
    • 4.4 Vega
    • 4.5 Kunimitsu
    • 4.6 Val…

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PolarBearMan PolarBearMan 30 January 2016

Custmon warriors


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PolarBearMan PolarBearMan 31 October 2015



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Crystar800 Crystar800 22 June 2015

Simulating to Find the Best Overall Warrior

I hope this is fine with you guys to put this here. I found a very good combat simulator online that simulates battles. It's very flexible, allowing for new warriors to be added at will. So, I decided to use this program to simulate all of the Ancient Warriors to find the best one. What I need is some input, so if any of you can answer the questions below, that'd be great. I have a bracket with randomized seeds already set up on Challonge

I'm doing this one matchup at a time. The randomized seeds have led to the Roman Centurion vs. Vlad the Impaler. So, below are some questions for you to give your opinions?

Coverage and Armor is done with a numerical value, so I want your suggestions on which value would be best. I'll take an average of eve…

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ShodaiGoro ShodaiGoro 23 September 2013

Which Weapons do YOU Think are the Most Overrated

I have seen weapons that have just been given too much praise, so I decided to share some weapons I think are greatly overrated and ask you what you think is overrated. Don't forget to add reasons why. Please note, this is just for fun and not to be taken seriously, so do not rage over someone's choice. Also, weapons go outside of the DW universe. Here's my choices:

  • The Katana, because it is a common anime sword (seriously, they only picked the katana because it's Japanese, and so is anime).
  • The JRPG Sword (AKA: The Incredibly Over-Sized Sword), because it is heavy and just pointlessly too big.
  • The AK-47, because it has a slower rate of fire and 5 rounds less than modern assault rifles (please note the 5 rounds don't really matter and the AK-…

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Justin.sommers.50 Justin.sommers.50 31 August 2013

Joining my wiki

hi guys, could you join my wiki http://deathbattlefanon.wikia.com/wiki/Death%20Battle%20Fanon%20Wiki?wiki-welcome=1

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Justin.sommers.50 Justin.sommers.50 31 August 2013

If deadliest warrior had season 4

If Deadliest Warrior had a season 4 i want them to have Fidel Castro vs Pablo Escabar or Adolf Hitler vs Osama Bin Laden

Tell me what you think they should've done

-Justin Sommers 2013 :)

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Justin.sommers.50 Justin.sommers.50 31 August 2013


In the show, some warriors don't look the same in real life

for example

the Cartel Thug in the show and Escobar in real life both look the same but Escobar in the show looks very different

2. both Adolf Hitler in real life and Saddam Hussein in the show look the same (a little)

tell me if this is false in the comments Below

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Roygbiv666 Roygbiv666 25 May 2013

Season 4

If the show had continued for a fourth season, what other warriors from history would you have liked to see and why?

Roygbiv666 (talk) 16:22, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

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Roygbiv666 Roygbiv666 9 May 2013

Help on Opening Credits


In some of the opening credits for Season One, there's one (well, I guess two) warrior I can't identify. Specifically, if you watch the opening credits of the Back for Blood Special, right after the African warrior expert decaptiates a dummy (I though it was the Zande Warrior, but could have been Shaka Zulu, it goes by so fast) and right before what is clearly a modern American(?) warrior (Green Beret ? or SWAT?), there is mainly black clad, masked dude with an axe leaping from left to right to attack someone with blue tattoos in a horned helmet. Who is that? I assume that, in order to produce opening credits for, say, Episode 1, that they mashed up a bunch of warriors in short segments that may not have featured on the show.

Any ideas?


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Bacner Bacner 25 November 2012

Centurion vs. Rajput - a short note

Not so long ago I decided to re-watch the S2 episode “Roman Centurion vs. Rajput Warrior” to see if I can glean anything new from it. Nope, still the same story: the centurion loses to the Rajput because he had no chance.

There are several factors that make a warrior, but here the critical one was the warrior training. The Roman army was the first regular army (in Europe at least) that utilized teams of soldiers rather than individual warriors, unlike the Rajput. That is why there was a Roman empire in history, but not a Rajput one, of course, but the DW show put individual warriors in this episode, rather than 4- or 5- person teams, let alone armies, and on their own, the Roman soldiers tended to lose to their ‘barbaric’ opponents – Gauls,…

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HattoriDevilHanzo HattoriDevilHanzo 13 November 2012

What famous Warrior Are You Related To? Be Proud of Your Heritage

What famous warrior are you related to comment and say who your related to

or just a warrior in general

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Bacner Bacner 18 September 2012

Hannibal vs. Genghis Khan revisited

So, I have recently re-watched the DW episode “Hannibal vs. Genghis Khan”. What conclusions watching this episode have come forth to me?

Firstly, the weapons. Genghis Khan’s weapons were all cavalry weapons – the recurved bow, the jida lance, the Turko-Mongol saber. Each of them is at its most efficient when used on a horse, especially the saber, as the show’s tests have demonstrated. When used as a foot weapon, the saber lost to Hannibal’s shorter falcata; on the horseback test, the saber was the better weapon. The bow can be used on foot (the bow is a very versatile weapon on its own), but the lance? Forget it. A lance is a cavalry weapon and DW’s staff did not even try to use it on foot-based test. It was horseback through and through.


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Lasifer Lasifer 27 July 2012

New Deadliest Warrior game!

Hello Guys, Lasmoore, from the Deadliest Fiction Wiki here. Comnig to talk to you about the newest Deadliest Warrior Game, Deadiest Warrior: Ancient Combat. Arriving this coming December at a price of $30 and is only confirmed for North American retailers so far. Jammed packed with content! The warriors from BOTH previous games in one. Along with possible new warriors to spice things up. It also includes both areanes from the previous games, along with a new Graveyard areana, hinting at the Vampires inclusion in the game. All DLC from previous games will be included. Also 30 NEW weapons for the returning Legends warriors. And for Die Hrad Deadliest Warrior Fans.....Never before seen episodes! So what do you think? Is it worth it for people…

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Thebeautifulsnowbeast Thebeautifulsnowbeast 23 July 2012

First post!

Hey guys! I'm thebeautifulsnowbeast and this is my first post so I don't mind criticisum but please do try to be constructive. Now before I start I would like to state that I am Dyslexix so there may be spelling mistakes if you would like to you can point these out to me knock yourself out, now that is out of the way the real entry starts, enjoy.

This first post is going to be about how much I love deadliest warrior. I think deadliest warrior is so cool because well, when two warriors come together and fight each other it's going to be good. I was however very dissapointed with the third season since they got rid of Max Geiger who was my favorite, replacing him with some army bloke without the faintist trace of charm which in my opinion Max…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 30 June 2012

My Last Review This Season- Zombie Q&A

You can ask me other questions about Zombies in the comments below. I do not plan to make anymore blogs unless a new GOOD season starts for DW, even if that does happen don't expect any new blogs in the next months. And if i see anymore headnodding in Season 4, the chances of me capping myself in the skull will increase 80%.

[1] Realistically against a horde, you must try to retreat until you can arm yourself. If attacked, push a Zombie to the ground or knock them away, but never attack their faces with bare fists or feet as they could bite and the punches wouldn’t faze them anyways. If the horde is light enough or in loose formation, you could possibly run through them (many Zombie Films showed this to be possible).

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 29 June 2012

My Review- Q&A Answered

Next blog will be my last blog of season 3, and it will be answers about questions about Zombies. So ask me questions about Zombies.

  • 1 Q&A
    • 1.1 Pirate vs Ninja, who will win?
    • 1.2 What was the worst thing about season 3 for me?
    • 1.3 Why do I hate Mack?
    • 1.4 Would X Factors change the outcome of Season 1 matches?
    • 1.5 Were there any episodes that you placed as best in which a warrior you chose ended up losing?

Pirate. I know Ninjas are fast, but realistically no one can dodge a shotgun blast. Ninja also lack lethal projectiles, and so will need to get in close- which would make them vulnerable for the guns. Besides, Ninja lost to the Spartan. The Pirate won against the Knight. A Knight is similar to a Spartan. Pirate > Ninja. And i know there are alot of sto…

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Nkstjoa Nkstjoa 26 June 2012

Nkstjoa's Favorite & Least Favorite Episodes

  • 1 Before I start
  • 2 Best
    • 2.1 Season 1
    • 2.2 Season 2
    • 2.3 Season 3
  • 3 Some of my favorite episodes
    • 3.1 Season 1
    • 3.2 Season 3
  • 4 Least Favorite Episodes
    • 4.1 Season 1
    • 4.2 Season 2

We all have our different opinions as to what episodes we like the most and don’t. We can argue all day as to which episodes deserve the most praise and which ones deserve nothing but hate. There’ll be episodes here that you may hate that I like as well as episodes that I dislike that you love. Whichever the case, PLEASE respect my opinion.

I’ll be completely honest; most of these “best episodes” I like because they're close matchups. Now that doesn’t mean that all close matchups are the best (Army Rangers Vs NKSOF), so some are more lopsided than others.

Viking Vs Samurai: This one was the clo…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 26 June 2012

My Review- Vampires vs Zombies (It's a large one)

  • 1 Sparkling Twilight vs (Plants vs) Zombies
    • 1.1 Zombies
    • 1.2 Vampires
    • 1.3 Match
    • 1.4 Realistic Scenario of the Fictional Monsters

Washington Napoleon, Teddy Lawrence of Arabia, Abe Lincoln vs Vampires. Oh sorry, wrong thing.

I know they both look like humans, and both are undead, and sometimes they are so similar that they overlap in some media. Vampires are undead because they are demon-like. They drink blood, hate sun, and are super human in some way. Zombies are undead because they are corpses that animate after the fact they have died and are rotting. They might be both discolored and pale, but it’s easy to tell the difference if you know them. Vampires try to be suave and hinting that they want to have sex despite the fact that even Vampires from …

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 24 June 2012

My Zombie Q&A

Ask me questions about Zombies, i'll try to answer them. I know alot about Zombies.

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 24 June 2012

My Review- Best and Worst Warriors

  • 1 Top and Bottom Warriors
    • 1.1 Top 4 Worst Ancient Warriors
    • 1.2 Top 3 Best Ancient Warriors
    • 1.3 Top 4 Worst Modern Warriors
    • 1.4 Best Modern Warrior
  • 2 My Anti-Zombie Weapons
  • 3 Some Trivia I want to mention

I have top 4 and top 3 because sometimes I can’t narrow it down to just 3. These aren’t my favorite or least favorite warriors, these are the warriors

  • On Foot- Maori

It’s enough that he has no armor or projectiles, but the Maori have some of the most primitive weapons EVER. His spear is a 1 hit weapon, and his other weapons are short ranged (if you use the Taliaha as a staff, it really reduces its range).

  • User of horses- Celt

The Celts are primitive and low budget (can’t blame them, they were tribesmen in 800BC). Not only is there a lack of armor (sometimes…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 22 June 2012

My Review- Gurkha vs FFL

  • 1 Nepal vs People not from France dying for France (WTH?)
    • 1.1 Gurkha
    • 1.2 French Foreign Legion
    • 1.3 Match

Well technically the Gurkhas can join the FFL, but let us instead join the nation that tried to invade us, the UK. Ok seriously, if the freaking UK couldn’t conquer Nepal, I can see why Switzerland got a free pass in WW1 and WW2- apparently invading a mountain nation is suicide. Also, I find it weird that these short guys are considered the ‘ultimate humans’ or something like that. How ironic for the Nazis to be losing to the ‘master race’, but what’s more shocking is that this

Enfield No. 4 Rifle I can see why this rifle was so commonly used, the magazine. While its performance otherwise is similar to other rifles, the ammo clips allows a large…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 21 June 2012

My Review- Best and Worst Episodes

  • 1 Top Episodes of Each Season
    • 1.1 Season 1 Best
    • 1.2 Season 2 Best
    • 1.3 Season 3 Best
  • 2 Worst Episodes of Each Season
    • 2.1 Season 1 Worst
    • 2.2 Season 2 Worst
    • 2.3 Season 3 Worst

  • Yakuza vs. Mafia

With a large variety of gangster weapons, violent experts and one of the best fights ever on DW- showing a brutal bat beatdown and killer fatality, Yakuza Mafia scores my #1 for Nostalgic Season 1.

  • Pirate Knight

The tests and the fight solved a big question that I’m sure a lot of people were asking: why did Knights and armor go extinct on the practical battlefield? Was the pirate weapons just less expensive, or was it better? This fight showed the fall of ancient combat to the armor piercing blackpower weapons.

  • Viking vs. Samurai

The #3 goes to some of the most impressive w…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 20 June 2012

My Review- Panch Villa vs Crazy Horse

  • 1 Banditos vs Injuns
    • 1.1 Pancho Villa (the one who cross the Mexican border and back and LIVED)
    • 1.2 Crazy Horse
    • 1.3 Match

The two ‘badguys’ of Cowboy movies and finally a western shootout without whitemen.


Meet the Mexican who’s appearance is the only image an American can comprehend when thinking of a Mexican, other than Wal Mart employees. HA! At first I don’t know why Crazy Horse was considered a superior tactician, than I remembered that Pancho invaded the USA thinking that it would help his war (instead lost 100s of men from future battles with the USA)- smart move. Audacity has its downsides when you think you’re invincible, and now the US army hunts you for a decade. Yes, he became the Bin Laden of his day, except I don’t want…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 20 June 2012

My Review- Q&A

Just ask me a few questions, mainly about the show and/or my views on them. I will reply to all questions after or before the last episode review: Zombie vs Vampire. After that, i will only make new reviews if the series has not been cancelled and i MIGHT have a prediction review- but let's not get ahead of ourselves- lets find out first.

I also want to mention that I saw an old tv show that had Mack as the host, and he wasn’t bad as the host of Future Weapons. So what the heck happened? Now he’s in your face, hogging the screen and making sure the cameraman catches all his head nods. Seriously, is he advertising for a booblehead set? The only booblehead set I’m buying is Pawn Stars.

Any Questions? Write as many as possible, but don't be stu…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 19 June 2012

My Review- Teddy vs THE LAW-RENCE

  • 1 Teddy vs Arabia
    • 1.1 Colonel and Future President Theodore Roosevelt
    • 1.2 Colonel T. E. Lawrence of Arabia
    • 1.3 Match

Look, i made a purdy picture! [1]

I don’t see Teddy as much as a famous warrior. So he won a war, so did the guy who lead the Iraq War yet we’ll never remember him. It’s because like most American Genreals, Teddy won the war by outnumbering his enemy with superior weaponry- the tactic that won every US war outside Vietnam and Afghanistan (yes there were some great generals like Patton, but overall you have to admit America easily overpowers its enemies). Without his badassery and Gatling gun I don’t see much- wait what am I saying, he’s a badass with a Gatling gun- that’s good enough for me I guess. Oh, and he hunted Elephants for sp…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 19 June 2012

My Review- Season 4 ideas part 2

  • 1 Warriors I want if there is a season 4 that is hopefully as good as season 1 and 2 but guessing by how lobotomized and retarded the producers have become the likelihood is quite unlikely PART 2
    • 1.1 Mohawk (Native North American) vs Inca (Native South American)
    • 1.2 North Hollywood Shootout (Larry Eugene Phillips, Jr. and Emil Decebal Mătăsăreanu) vs some other duo (maybe Bonnie and Clyde?)
    • 1.3 Idi Amin Dada (of Uganda) and Muammar Gaddafi (of Lybia) vs Sukarno and Suharto (of Indonesia)
    • 1.4 Emperor Caesar of Rome vs Darius I the Great of Persia
    • 1.5 Fictional Fight- King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (Monty Python Version) vs Robin Hood and his Merry Men (Errol Flynn Version)
    • 1.6 WW2 Imperial Japan vs WW2 Soviet Union
    • 1.7 Ottoman Empire (Jani…
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