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Black egg

Black Egg

Black Metsubushi Eggs are hollowed-out bird eggs filled with blinding substances. They were the Mid-Range Weapon of the Ninja.


  • 3 inches
  • Less than 1 ounce
  • Filled with crushed glass or pepper


Black Eggs are hollowed out poultry eggs that were filled with either powder of spices, ashes, blood, mud, dirt, sand or broken glass. They were normally painted black. The word Metsubushi literally means 'eye closer'; which nowadays refers to pepperspray and teargas as well.


Black Eggs are used to blind enemies by throwing them or their contents at the target's eyes. Glass-filled eggs would be crushed prior to throwing for maximum dispersion, which would effortlessly hit the eyes behind the enemy's mask. Black Eggs are not lethal weapons, but the amount of blinding pain the target suffers leaves them wide open for attack.

Metsubushi powders could be used in many ways other than the Black Egg. Ninjas could store these powders in their scabbards; then shake or thrust the powder out of the scabbard.

With the introduction of gunpowder weapons during the Sengoku Jidai; Ninjas developed Smokebombs to assist their escape. Both of these weapons started a myth that ninjas could disappear in a cloud of dust.