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Ball and chain

A standard ball and chain weapon, only without the ring handle but a metal shaft one instead

The Ball and Chain was a physical restraining device and throwing weapon used by the Scottish Highlanders, a 12 pound sledge hammer that could be thrown or slung with bone-crushing force. It was the Long-Range weapon of William Wallace.


The Ball and Chain was simply a very heavy iron ball attached to a short chain with a large ring serving as the handle.


  • Long Range
  • Length: 3 feet
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Composite: Iron ball & steel chain


The ball and chain was originally made as a restraint for prisoners, it would allow for a small degree of mobility but would still make escape very difficult for the prisoner. In modern times, the ball and chain is no longer used.

The Ball and Chain was often thrown at a shield wall, and was not accurate enough to be used against individuals as the simulation showed (the Ball and Chain getting only 1 kill in 1000 battles). It could also be used as a bludgeoning weapon up close, similarly like a flail.

Scottish warriors training with the Ball and Chain invented the sport Hammer-Throwing. Yuriy Georgiyevich Sedykh holds the current record of 86.74 m.


  • The Chinese Meteor Hammer is a variation of the Ball and Chain; with one ball on each end. Meteor Hammers can be used as projectiles or as whip weapons. As a chain, it can hide inside clothing: making it a popular weapon for Shaolin Monks.
    • The Kusari-Fundo is a Japanese variation of the Meteor Hammer used by Ninja. It is normally too light weight to be used as a projectile.
  • A weapon very similar to the ball and chain is the Chainlock. The Chainlock consists of a length of chain attached to a large lock and used by swinging the heavy end of the chain at the target. The Chainlock is mainly used in areas where other hand held weapons, such as knives, are not readily available. It is primarily a modern improvised weapon used in gang warfare.